Fire Protection Services

The effects of fire are one of the major causes of injuries and fatalities in the workplace. It is little wonder that health and safety legislation and codes of practice place a good deal of emphasis on preventing fire and fighting fire. At Green Man Compliance, we can look after all your obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and ensure you adhere to the relevant code requirements. We can help you with anything relating to fire protection including fire risk assessments, advising on fire prevention and fire fighting equipment, the supply and service of fire extinguishers, install alarms and emergency lighting and when your premises are fully equipped we can train your staff.

Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service

Suitable means of fighting small fires should be installed in all premises and this requirement is usually met by the provision of fire extinguishers. We supply, install and commission quality fire extinguishers manufactured to strict European standards. We will advise on the most suitable types for your particular risks and carry out all the necessary annual or periodic inspections, maintenance and tests.

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Fire Alarms

Whether it’s the design of a new installation, the updating of an existing system or simply routine maintenance then our engineers will be able to help. Completed to the highest standards using quality materials, our alarm systems afford confidence and reliability. Don’t risk compromising on detection systems, speak with Green Man Compliance today.

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Emergency Lighting

Many non-domestic premises can have poor natural light levels and it is important that in the event of fire, anyone within the building can see to make their escape. Of course, the problem of visibility is compounded should a fire start at night and artificial light fail. Our emergency lighting systems can be installed to look unobtrusive and fit in with your decor of your building or be mounted as flood lights to bathe large areas in suitable light. Whatever your emergency lighting needs we are confident in being able to help you.

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Fire Risk Assessments

The requirement to undertake risk assessments is a key obligation under current legislation and assessments should always include the risk of fire. As fire risks are significant in many organisations, fire risk assessments are often undertaken as a separate entity. Green Man Compliance has the experience and knowledge to quickly assess your operation for fire risks and provide a comprehensive report on the findings. We can then offer advice and assistance in any corrective action required or liaise for you with the appropriate fire authorities should deficiencies be found.

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Fire Safety Training

Having the right fire fighting equipment or detection equipment is of little use if your staff do not know how to use the installations. We can train your staff on all aspects of fire safety including general workplace fire safety, selection and use of fire extinguishers and fire warden training. Green Man Compliance can also offer guidance and assistance with evacuation or emergency procedures and oversee periodic fire and evacuation drills.

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